RLM_EH_NOHANDLE-101No handle supplied to call
RLM_EH_READ_NOLICENSE-102Can’t read license data
RLM_EH_NET_INIT-103Network (msg_init()) error
RLM_EH_NET_WERR-104Error writing to network
RLM_EH_NET_RERR-105Error reading from network
RLM_EH_NET_BADRESP-106Unexpected response
RLM_EH_BADHELLO-107HELLO message for wrong server
RLM_EH_BADPRIVKEY-108Error in private key
RLM_EH_SIGERROR-109Error signing authorization
RLM_EH_INTERNAL-110Internal error
RLM_EH_CONN_REFUSED-111Connection refused at server
RLM_EH_NOSERVER-112No server to connect to
RLM_EH_BADHANDSHAKE-113Bad communications handshake
RLM_EH_CANTGETETHER-114Can’t get ethernet address
RLM_EH_MALLOC-115malloc() error
RLM_EH_BIND-116bind() error
RLM_EH_SOCKET-117socket() error
RLM_EH_BADPUBKEY-118Error in public key
RLM_EH_AUTHFAIL-119Authentication failed
RLM_EH_WRITE_LF-120Can’t write new license file
RLM_EH_DUP_ISV_HID-122ISV-defined hostid already registered
RLM_EH_BADPARAM-123Bad parameter passed to RLM function
RLM_EH_ROAMWRITEERR-124Roam File write error
RLM_EH_ROAMREADERR-125Roam File read error
RLM_EH_HANDLER_INSTALLED-126Heartbeat handler already installed
RLM_EH_CANTCREATELOCK-127Can’t create ‘single’ lockfile
RLM_EH_CANTOPENLOCK-128Can’t open ‘single’ lockfile
RLM_EH_CANTSETLOCK-129Can’t set lock for ‘single’
RLM_EH_BADRLMLIC-130Bad/missing/expired RLM license
RLM_EH_BADHOST-131bad hostname in license file or port@host
RLM_EH_CANTCONNECTURL-132Can’t connect to specified URL (activation)
RLM_EH_OP_NOT_ALLOWED-133Operation not allowed on server. The status, reread, shutdown, or remove command has been disabled for this user.
RLM_EH_ACT_BADSTAT-134Bad status return from Activation server
RLM_EH_ACT_BADLICKEY-135Activation server built with incorrect license key
RLM_EH_ACT_BAD_HTTP-136Error in HTTP transaction with Activation server
RLM_EH_DEMO_EXISTS-137Demo already created on this system
RLM_EH_DEMO_WRITEERR-138Demo install file write error
RLM_EH_NO_DEMO_LIC-139No “rlm_demo” license available
RLM_EH_NO_RLM_PLATFORM-140RLM is unlicensed on this platform
RLM_EH_EVAL_EXPIRED-141The RLM evaluation license compiled into this binary has expired
RLM_EH_SERVER_REJECT-142Server rejected (too old)
RLM_EH_UNLICENSED-143Unlicensed RLM option
RLM_EH_SEMAPHORE_FAILURE-144Semaphore initialization failure
RLM_EH_ACT_OLDSERVER-145Activation server too old (doesn’t support encryption)
RLM_EH_BAD_LIC_LINE-146Invalid license line in LF
RLM_EH_BAD_SERVER_HOSTID-147Invalid hostid on SERVER line
RLM_EH_NO_REHOST_TOP_DIR-148No rehostable hostid top-level dir
RLM_EH_CANT_GET_REHOST-149Cannot get rehostable hostid
RLM_EH_CANT_DEL_REHOST-150Cannot delete rehostable hostid
RLM_EH_CANT_CREATE_REHOST-151Cannot create rehostable hostid
RLM_EH_REHOST_TOP_DIR_EXISTS-152Rehostable top directory exists
RLM_EH_REHOST_EXISTS-153Rehostable hostid exists
RLM_EH_NO_FULFILLMENTS-154No fulfillments to revoke
RLM_EH_METER_READERR-155Meter read error
RLM_EH_METER_WRITEERR-156Meter write error
RLM_EH_METER_BADINCREMENT-157Bad meter increment command
RLM_EH_METER_NO_COUNTER-158Can’t find counter in meter
RLM_EH_ACT_UNLICENSED-159Activation Unlicensed
RLM_EH_ACTPRO_UNLICENSED-160Activation Pro Unlicensed
RLM_EH_SERVER_REQUIRED-161Counted license requires server
RLM_EH_DATE_REQUIRED-162REPLACE license requires date
RLM_EH_NO_CLIENT-164Disconnected client data can’t be found
RLM_EH_NO_DISCONN-165Operation not allowed on disconnected handle
RLM_EH_NO_FILES-166Too many open files
RLM_EH_NO_BROADCAST_RESP-167No response to broadcast message
RLM_EH_NO_BROADCAST_HOST-168Broadcast response didn’t include hostname
RLM_EH_SERVER_TOO_OLD-169Server too old for disconnected operations


RLM_ACT_BADPARAM-1001Unused – RLM_EH_BADPARAM returned instead.
RLM_ACT_NO_KEY-1002No activation key supplied
RLM_ACT_NO_PROD-1003No product definition exists
RLM_ACT_CANT_WRITE_KEYS-1004Can’t write keyf table
RLM_ACT_KEY_USED-1005Activation key already used
RLM_ACT_BAD_HOSTID-1006Missing hostid
RLM_ACT_BAD_HOSTID_TYPE-1007Invalid hostid type
RLM_ACT_BAD_HTTP-1008Bad HTTP transaction. Note: unused after v3.0BL4
RLM_ACT_CANTLOCK-1009Can’t lock activation database
RLM_ACT_CANTREAD_DB-1010Can’t read activation database
RLM_ACT_CANT_WRITE_FUFILL-1011Can’t write licf table
RLM_ACT_CLIENT_TIME_BAD-1012Clock bad on client system (not within 7 days of server)
RLM_ACT_BAD_REDIRECT-1013Can’t write licf table
RLM_ACT_TOOMANY_HOSTID_CHANGES-1014Too many hostid changes for refresh-type activation
RLM_ACT_BLACKLISTED-1015Domain on banned list for activation
RLM_ACT_NOT_WHITELISTED-1016Domain not on activation key allowed list
RLM_ACT_KEY_EXPIRED-1017Activation key expired
RLM_ACT_NO_PERMISSION-1018HTTP request denied (this is a setup problem)
RLM_ACT_SERVER_ERROR-1019HTTP internal server error (usually a setup problem)
RLM_ACT_BAD_GENERATOR-1020Bad/missing generator file (Activation Pro)
RLM_ACT_NO_KEY_MATCH-1021No matching activation key in database
RLM_ACT_NO_AUTH_SUPPLIED-1022No proxy authorization supplied
RLM_ACT_PROXY_AUTH_FAILED-1023Proxy authentication failed
RLM_ACT_NO_BASIC_AUTH-1024No basic authentication supported by proxy
RLM_ACT_GEN_UNLICENSED-1025Activation generator unlicensed (ISV_mklic)
RL_ACT_DB_READERR-1026Activation database read error (Activation Pro)
RLM_ACT_GEN_PARAM_ERR-1027Generating license - bad parameter
RLM_ACT_UNSUPPORTED_CMD-1028Unsupported command to license generator


RLM_EL_NOPRODUCT-1No authorization for product rlm_checkout() did not find a product to satisfy your request.
RLM_EL_NOTME-2Authorization is for another ISV. The license you are requesting is in the license file, but it is for a different ISV.
RLM_EL_EXPIRED-3Authorization has expired The only license available has expired. This error will only be returned for local license lines, never from a license server.
RLM_EL_NOTTHISHOST-4Wrong host for authorization The hostid in the license doesn’t match the hosted of the machine where the software is running.
RLM_EL_BADKEY-5Bad key in authorization The signature in the license line is not valid, i.e. it does not match the remainder of the data in the license.
RLM_EL_BADVER-6Requested version not supported Your application tried to check out a license at a higher version than was available, e.g., you specified v5, but the available license is for v4.
RLM_EL_BADDATE-7bad date format - not permanent or dd-mm-yy The expiration, start, or issued date wasn’t understood, e.g., 316-mar-2010 or 31-jun-2010. You’d probably never see this in the field unless somebody had tampered with the license file.
RLM_EL_TOOMANY-8checkout request for too many licenses Your checkout request will never work, because you have asked for more licenses than are issued.
RLM_EL_NOAUTH-9No license auth supplied to call This is an internal error.
RLM_EL_ON_EXC_ALL-10On excludeall list The license administrator has specified an EXCLUDEALL list for this product, and the user (host, etc) is on it.
RLM_EL_ON_EXC-11On feature exclude list The license administrator has specified an EXCLUDE list for this product, and the user (host, etc) is on it.
RLM_EL_NOT_INC_ALL-12Not on the includeall list The license administrator has specified an INCLUDEALL list for this product, and you are not on it.
RLM_EL_NOT_INC-13Not on the feature include list The license administrator has specified an INCLUDE list for this product, and you are not on it.
RLM_EL_OVER_MAX-14Request would go over license MAX The license administrator set a license MAX usage option for a user or group. This checkout request would put this user/group/host over that limit.
RLM_EL_REMOVED-15License (rlm) removed by server A license administrator removed this license using the rlmremove command or the RLM web interface.
RLM_EL_SERVER_BADRESP-16Unexpected response from server The application received a response from the license server which it did not expect. This is an internal error.
RLM_EL_COMM_ERROR-17Error communicating with server This indicates a basic communication error with the license server, either in a network initialization, read, or write call.
RLM_EL_NO_SERV_SUPP-18License server doesn’t support this
RLM_EL_NOHANDLE-19No license handle No license handle supplied to an rlm_get_attr_xxx() call or rlm_license_xxx() call.
RLM_EL_SERVER_DOWN-20Server closed connection The license server closed the connection to the application.
RLM_EL_NO_HEARTBEAT-21No heartbeat response received Your application did not receive a response to a heartbeat message which it sent. This would happen when you call rlm_get_attr_health(), or automatically if you called rlm_auto_hb().
RLM_EL_ALLINUSE-22All licenses in use All licenses are currently in use, and the user did not request to be queued. This request will succeed at some other time when some licenses are checked in.
RLM_EL_NOHOSTID-23No hostid on uncounted license Uncounted licenses always require a hostid.
RLM_EL_TIMEDOUT-24License timed out by server Your application did not send any heartbeats to the license server and the license administrator specified a TIMEOUT option in the ISV server options file.
RLM_EL_INQUEUE-25In queue for license All licenses are in use, and the user requested queuing by setting the RLM_QUEUE environment variable.
RLM_EL_SYNTAX-26License syntax error This is an internal error.
RLM_EL_ROAM_TOOLONG-27Roam time exceeds maximum The roam time specified in a checkout request is longer than either the license-specified maximum roaming time or the license administrator’s ROAM_MAX_DAYS option specification.
RLM_EL_NO_SERV_HANDLE-28Server does not know this license handle This is an internal server error. It will be returned usually when you are attempting to return a roaming license early.
RLM_EL_ON_EXC_ROAM-29On roam exclude list The license administrator has specified an EXCLUDE_ROAM list for this product, and the user (host, etc) is on it.
RLM_EL_NOT_INC_ROAM-30Not on the roam include list The license administrator has specified an INCLUDE_ROAM list for this product, and you are not on it.
RLM_EL_TOOMANY_ROAMING-31Too many licenses roaming already A request was made to roam a license, but there are too many licenses roaming already (set by the license administrator ROAM_MAX_COUNT option).
RLM_EL_WILL_EXPIRE-32License expires before roam period ends A roaming license was requested, but the only license which can fulfill the request will expire before the roam period ends.
RLM_EL_ROAMFILEERR-33Problem with roam file There was a problem writing the roam data file on the application’s computer.
RLM_EL_RLM_ROAM_ERR-34Cannot check out rlm_roam license A license was requested to roam, but the application cannot check out an rlm_roam license.
RLM_EL_WRONG_PLATFORM-35Wrong platform for client The license specifies platforms=xxx, but the application is not running on one of these platforms.
RLM_EL_WRONG_TZ-36Wrong timezone for client The license specifies an allowed timezone, but the application is running on a computer in a different timezone.
RLM_EL_NOT_STARTED-37License start date in the future The start date in the license hasn’t occurred yet, e.g., today you try to check out a license containing start=1-mar-2030.
RLM_EL_CANT_GET_DATE-38time() call failure The time() system call failed.
RLM_EL_OVERSOFT-39Request goes over license soft_limit This license checkout causes the license usage to go over its soft limit. The checkout is successful, but usage is now in the overdraft mode.
RLM_EL_WINDBACK-40Clock setback detected RLM has detected that the clock has been set back. This error will only happen on expiring licenses.
RLM_EL_BADPARAM-41Bad parameter to rlm_checkout() call This currently happens if a checkout request is made for < 0 licenses.
RLM_EL_NOROAM_FAILOVER-42Roam operations not allowed on failover server A failover server has taken over for a primary server, and a roaming license was requested. Roaming licenses can only be obtained from primary servers. Re-try the request later when the primary server is up.
RLM_EL_BADHOST-43bad hostname in license file or port@host The hostname in the license file is not valid on this network.
RLM_EL_APP_INACTIVE-44Application is inactive Your application is set to the inactive state (with rlm_set_active(rh, 0), and you have called rlm_get_attr_health()).
RLM_EL_NOT_NAMED_USER-45User is not on the named-user list You are not on the named user list for this product.
RLM_EL_TS_DISABLED-46Terminal server/remote desktop disabled The only available license has Terminal Server disabled, and the application is running on a Windows Terminal Server machine.
RLM_EL_VM_DISABLED-47Running on Virtual Machines disabled The only available license has virtual machines disabled, and the application is running on a virtual machine.
RLM_EL_PORTABLE_REMOVED-48Portable hostid removed The license is locked to a portable hostid (dongle), and the hostid was removed after the license was acquired by the application.
RLM_EL_DEMOEXP-49Demo license has expired Detached Demo™ license has expired.
RLM_EL_FAILED_BACK_UP-50Failed host back up - failover server released license If you application is holding a license from a failover server, when the main server comes back up, the failover server will drop all the licenses it is serving, and you will get this status.
RLM_EL_SERVER_LOST_XFER-51Server lost it’s transferred license Your license was served by a server which had received transferred licenses from another license server. The originating license server may have gone down, in which case, your server will lose the licenses which were transferred to it.
RLM_EL_BAD_PASSWORD-52password for license RLM_EL_BAD_PASSWORD is an internal error and won’t ever be returned to the client – if the license password is bad, the client will receive RLM_EL_NO_SERV_SUPP
RLM_EL_METER_NO_SERVER-53Metered licenses require server Metered licenses only work with a license server.
RLM_EL_METER_NOCOUNT-54Not enough count for meter There is insufficient count in the meter for the requested operation.
RLM_EL_NOROAM_TRANSIENT-55Roaming not allowed Roaming is not allowed on servers with transient hostids, i.e., dongles.
RLM_EL_CANTRECONNECT-56Can’t reconnect to server On a disconnected handle, the operation requested needed to reconnect to the server, and this operation failed.
RLM_EL_NONE_CANROAM-57None of these licenses can roam The license max_roam_count is set to 0. This will always be the case for licenses that are transferred to another server.
RLM_EH_SERVER_TOO_OLD-58Server too old for this operation In v10, this error means that disconnected operation (rlm_init_disconn()) was attempted on a pre-v10.0 license server.